Why Did Bob Newhart Take the NCIS Role? Ask His Wife!


Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart hasn’t graced us with his presence in quite a while. The legendary comedian and once a sit-com staple with his different incarnations of the Newhart/Bob Newhart Show has been enjoying a life of leisure, which a successful actor of the ripe old age of 81 should be able to do. But he returned to our TV screens in a guest role on the hit show of NCIS as Dr. Walter Magnus, (preceding David McCallum‘s character) as a Chief Medical Examiner. But this wasn’t the kind of comedic role he was used to…

It was the role of an aging doctor visiting his old haunts to reignite his memory. This wasn’t his first foray into drama, he was nominated for an Emmy for his work back in 2003 on E.R.

So why did Bob Newhart take on another job in his guest role on NCIS? Because it’s his wife Ginnie’s favorite show! He added that, “If you can pick and choose, why not go with the No. 1 drama on TV?”

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