Why Did Don King Try to Bring Ammo on Plane?


Don King is famous for his managing famous fighters, flamboyant personality, and for his very unique hair style. He has promoted all the big names in boxing including Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Georde Foreman and Evander Holyfield just to name a few. But this morning Don King making headlines for something completely unrelated to the before mentioned claims to fame.  He tried to bring  a ammunition for .38-caliber and .357-caliber type firearms in his luggage while attempting to fly out of Cleveland, Ohio.  Why did father and grandfather Don King try to do that?

Well, Don King did not have any guns with him, just the bullets. The TSA stopped Don King when they discovered the ammo in his carry-on luggage.  It’s reported that he was on his way to Florida, perhaps he had some guns down there that needed his bullets? Regardless, he should have known better than to bring bullets on a plane, even his kids and young grandkids could have told him that.

But Don King also might have just been distracted. He lost his wife Henrietta King last week when she passed away from from complications from stomach cancer.

Photo: Wikipedia

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