Why Did Salma Hayek Want To Delay Potty Training?


25548PCN_SalmaMost parents, they can’t wait to stop having to change dirty diapers. But Salma Hayek? She tried to hold off on potty training as long as she could. But her two-year-old daughter Valentina had her own schedule and opted to potty train herself.

In a recent interview Salma said about her daughter,  “She’s like, ‘Take these off, Mommy. I can go to the bathroom.  But I’m like, ‘I don’t want you to because I still want you to wear the diaper when we go out because I don’t know how to handle the public bathrooms with you. Give me some time.’ But it’s like, ‘No, I don’t want to wear the diaper. I can do this, Mommy.'”

But Valentina has proved to do everything a bit early.  Salma said “”I had a talk with her not too long ago. I just said, ‘Listen, you have to slow down because I’m a first-time mommy and I’m not ready for some of the things you’re doing.’ She talks and she’s been walking since nine months. She counts. She knows the ABCs.”