Why Did Taylor Swift Say What at End of CMA Performance? Faith Hill Joke? (Video)

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Why did Taylor Swift say "what?" at end of CMA performance?


While we try to figure out why Taylor Swift said “What?” at the end of her CMA Awards 2010 performance, one idea is that it was a Faith Hill joke. 

For those with limited memories, back at the 2006 CMA Awards, Faith Hill mouthed “What?” into the camera after losing Female Vocalist of the Year to Carrie Underwood.  

Of course, that was all cleared up when Faith Hill revealed she was just joking when she shockingly/annoyingly reacted by mouthing “What?” into the camera. 

Taylor Swift saying “What?” at the end of her CMA performance of “Back to December” seemed to mirror Faith Hill’s expressive statement, but why would Taylor Swift make a joke that’s four years old now? 

Do you think Taylor Swift was making a joke about when Faith Hill said “What”? 

Maybe. Until we get the definitive word from Swift herself, we won’t know! 

Keep the comments coming about what you think happened at the end of Taylor Swift’s performance! It’s been fun reading all of the theories – you can read even Taylor Swift CMA theories here

Taylor Swift “Back to December” video CMA Awards 2010 video: 


Faith Hill says “What?” after losing at CMA Awards 2006 (Video) 


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