Why Elin Nordegren Decided To Talk


Tiger Woods’ now ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, recently did an interview with People discussing the scandal her family went through–but apparently it wasn’t such an easy decision to talk. After a very long silence, Nordegren spent some time deciding whether or not to break her silence, according to a source who spoke with Popeater.

“After Elin contacted the magazine, she went back and forth many times about doing the interview,” the source said. “This was a major step for Elin and something she thought long and hard about. She wanted to correct a lot of the stories in the press, but at the same time didn’t want to do a tell-all interview that would pick a scab off a very ugly period for her.”

The source believes Nordegren played this well–doing one big interview, and choosing to do it in print rather than on TV (and she’s been offered lots of TV interviews). “Printis more removed than TV,” the source said. “You can stop a print interview at any moment and take a break to regain your thoughts. Whoever is advising Elin should also be advising Tiger. This is the perfect response to what he did to her.”

What do you think about Nordegren’s decision to talk, and to do so with People? Do you think she made the right move?


Photo: People magazine