Why is Bobby Fischer — The World's Most Famous Chess Player - Being Exhumed?


There is no rest for Bobby Fischer. The body of the most famous chess player…ever… will be exhumed.  Why is he being dug out from what he probably thought would be his final resting place?

For a paternity test.  The Supreme Court of Iceland approved a request to exhume his body, which has been buried since January 2008, from the Laugardaelir Church cemetery in his adopted home of Iceland. There is a 9-year-old girl named Jinky Young, who lives in the Philippines, whose mother claims Fischer fathered.

There has been a heated battle over Fischer’s estate since he died. The players who are looking for their own very profitable checkmate include Jinky’s mom (Marilyn Young), the head of the Japanese Chess Association (Miyoko Watai) who said she married Fischer in 2004, and Fisher’s nephews (Alexander and Nicholas Targ). Plus apparently the United States wants a slice of the pie as well for unpaid taxes.

Jinky’s mom has produced photos of her and Jinky with Fischer, as well as postcards to Jinky that are allegedly signed “Daddy” from Fischer. She had tried to get a DNA sample right after he died, from the hospital, but none was saved.

Whatever the outcome, at least someone will have closure.


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