Again, It's All Angelina's Fault?


angelina-jolie-skinny1Are you going to read the new biography about Angelina Jolie?

The unauthorized biography by Andrew Morton is said to contain “vile slurs” about her past. The biography even accuses her of sleeping with with her mom’s boyfriend when she was 16.

Isn’t that statutory rape? We don’t know what went on in that house. Why is she the one getting reviled? I just don’t get it.

Can’t anyone ever give her a break? It’s all Angelina bashing all the time. The woman is not the same as she was even just a couple of years ago. We all change all the time, and it has to be hard to be bombarded with this craziness all the time, whether or not it’s true.

How can she ever let her kids read anything or watch TV? This crap is on all the time.