Why is Ja Rule Going to Prison for Two Years?


It was a bad day for Ja Rule and his family. The rapper, singer, actor and dad of three was sentenced to two years in prison.

The very successful thirty-four year old will be forced to serve two year jail term stemming from a incidence that took place back in 2007. So what happened and what did Ja Rule do to get thrown into the slammer?
Back in 2007 he was stopped while driving, in this car the police found him – along with Lil Wayne – with not only drugs but a loaded gun. His legal team had argued that the gun had been illegally obtained as evidence but the judge rejected that claim. And on Monday Ja Rule pled guilty to driving with the loaded gun and was given the two year sentence.

For now Ja Rule is a free man until official sentencing, the judge promised that it would be two years,  so hopefully Ja Rule will spend all his remaining free days with his three young children, Brittany, Jeffrey Jr. and Jordan.

Photo: PRPhotos

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