Why is Jamie Lee Curtis at Dancing with the Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis' DWTS Audience Moments! (Video)

why is jamie lee curtis at dancing with the stars dwts jennifer grey audience video
Why is Jamie Lee Curtis at DWTS? Jamie Lee DWTS Moments on Video

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dancing with the Stars Jennifer Grey support lives on, as Jamie Lee Curtis was spotted in the DWTS audience at the semi-finals.

But why is Jamie Lee Curtis always cheering on Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars?

Watch Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dancing with the Stars audience sightings in this DWTS video clip. Why is Jamie Lee Curtis Jennifer Grey’s DWTS number one fan and how come she gets such choice seats every week?

Jamie Lee Curtis shows she’s no fleeting friend to Jennifer Grey, commenting to Access Hollywood, “The idea of a couple of my friends sitting there with me every week would make me feel a lot better. I’m happy to be able to be [Jennifer’s] support.”

That’s it. Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Grey are just friends and Curtis’ support of Grey has been strong on this season of DWTS.

I love this Jamie Lee Curtis Dancing with the Stars audience mash up video – it’s been fun trying to find Jamie Lee on DWTS every week.

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