Why Is Kate Hudson's Son Ryder Wearing A Cast?


Uh oh. Kate Hudson’s little one Ryder was spotted wearing a cast on his arm!  What happened?

Kate told David Letterman last night that Ryder, “Wears this splint around his hand and there’s nothing wrong with him. He just likes it because people ask him what happened. So I literally watch him make up stories every time somebody asks him about his splint.”

Awe, how cute. Weird. But, cute.

“He’d be like ‘I was on a bike, and I fell off this bike…’ and then one time he was climbing a rock… T-ball was one, and then he said to me the other day.,” she continued. “He goes ‘Mom I figured it out! A splint, a shower, a shave, cologne. The ladies love it! There’s nothing more fun to me than watching your kids come up with stuff like that.”

Sounds like he’s going to be quite the stud!