Why is Lisa Wu Hartwell Leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta?


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu Hartwell and her husband Ed will be leaving the popular franchise. Her publicist said that the third season, which will be airing soon, will be her last, he said that, “She doesn’t want to just be a reality star.”  Lisa has been keeping busy in all sorts of other ways, she a real estate agent, has a clothing line, and she is now doing some real acting and recently appeared on Meet the Browns and supposedly will appear in a project with Robert Downey Jr. . She also did her own fitness DVD that she completed. So why is she leaving the popular show?

A source told BV Buzz that she wanted to avoid all the drama.  “They basically wanted to script elements of Lisa’s life and make her amp up the drama. She wasn’t with that at all,’ the source said. “Lisa felt like if her real life alone wasn’t enough for the network, then maybe it was time for her to go.” And having young kids, she probably would want to keep them away from that…
Will you miss Lisa?

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