Why Is Mark Wahlberg Mad at Justin Bieber? (VIDEO)


Mark Wahlberg was on Lopez Tonight yesterday chatting with George about what it’s like to have four kids. His biggest parenting challenge? Having Justin Bieber call him back!

Mark’s 6 year old daughter Ella Rae finds the tiny pop star completely crush-worthy. So pulling the fame strings in what has to be one of the most awesome Dad moves ever, Mark had his agent tell Justin to call her.

“I made the mistake of telling my daughter,” Mark said. “So, yesterday she came to the doctor with me, she came to the office with me — because we’re waiting for this call … I’m starting to get upset, man. I’m gonna have to mess his hair up a little bit when I see him.”

We’re guessing that after seeing this clip, little Ella is going to get that call.


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