Why is Suri Cruise Always Being Held? Let Her Walk Already!

suri cruise, katie holmes, tom cruise
Isn't Suri Cruise too old to be carried?

I love Suri Cruise, she’s a darling little girl.

But why do her parents insist in carrying her everywhere?

The family has been spotted recently and I can’t help but notice in every photo that Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes is carrying her.

Let the girl walk already!

Isn’t Suri too old to be held?  I mean, Suri is turning 5!  She’s still being carried around by her parents with a blanket.

If they’re afraid of the press, they are going to take photos regardless of whether she is walking or being held, don’t you think?  It looks ridiculous.

Tom and Katie also allow Suri to still use a pacifier… ’nuff said.

I think it’s time for Tom and Katie to stop treating Suri like a baby and let her show her independence!