Why Jennifer Beals Turned Down Dancing With The Stars


Jennifer Beals, the actress most well known for her characters in Flashdance and The L Word,  has turned down an offer to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

When I think Jennifer Beals, I think of Flashdance. In 1983’s Flashdance, Beals played an 18-year-old who attempts to try out for a dance school. I didn’t know this, but apparently she had doubles do the parts where her character dances.

“I am not a dancer,” Beals said, according to People magazine.”They asked me and I said ‘no.’ You could back up a truck to my door filled with cash and I wouldn’t do it.”

After visiting her friend Marlee Matlin a few years ago while she was practicing in the DWTS ballroom, Beals knew she’d never be on the show. “The sound of the audience is so loud and the energy in there is so intense…I wanted to start crying just in feeling for her. I joked with Marlee and said, ‘You don’t know how lucky you are you can’t hear this.’ The noise level is so intense and people’s excitement level is so intense.”

Dancing With the Stars will start its new season on March 21. The cast for the show will be announced on Feb. 28…so stay tuned for those details!