Why Kerri Walsh Wanted "Irish Twins"


Mommy blogger Kerri Walsh has two sons–and she had them less than a year apart. Three-month-old Sundance Thomas was born just three days shy of 14-month-old Joseph Michael’s first birthday. But this was no accident; in fact, it’s exactly how volleyball superstars Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings wanted their family.

In the Olympic gold medalist’s most recent blog on, she explains why she and husband Jennings chose to have “Irish twins,” or two kids within a year. She denied that it was an accident, or a bad idea, and detailed the main reasons for the decision.

Both Walsh’s and her husband Jennings’ volleyball careers were a large part of why they chose to have their sons so close together. “As a professional athlete, the lifespan of my career is, unfortunately pretty limited,” Walsh wrote. “I felt that having my children back-to-back would enable me to make the most of my time in the sand.” Walsh pointed out that, by having her sons within a year of each other, she was able to take off one chunk of time for her babies and then get back to her sport. Plus, she said with hers and Jennings’ busy travel schedules with volleyball, Sundance and Joey’s close ages allows them to constantly have a relatable companion on the road.

But it wasn’t all about work for these parents. “Both Casey and I are very close in age to our nearest sibling and we each absolutely LOVED everything about that closeness,” Walsh said. The 31-year-old has a brother who is just 11 months apart from her in age, and she said it was great.

“I honestly feel that my brother and I being so close in age is one of the very best blessings in all my life,” she said. “He was always right there for me as a friend, protector, mentor, playmate and sparring partner.” Let’s hope her own sons feel the same way about their proximity!

Do you think it’s a good idea to have kids so close in age?


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