Why Lisa Loeb Doesn't Sing Her Daughter To Sleep


Lisa LoebAm I partial to this story because Lisa Loeb has a daughter name Lyla Rose? Maybe. I have a Lila Claire and a Mia Rose. Whatever the reason, I love this story!

Forty-three year-old Lisa tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies, she doesn’t sing her 17-month-old daughter, Lyla Rose, to sleep.

Lisa tells PEOPLE: “It’s not great for us because it actually wakes the baby up and makes her get engaged and want to stay up. It’s really fun and exciting, but we usually stay away from too much music at night because it’s just another activating activity, instead of putting her to sleep.”

I get that…the more you interact with them, the more awake they become! Lisa is also learning to adjust her schedule to fit her new role of mom. Don’t we all?!

While I can understand her desire to put the baby to bed, having such a gift from God (the voice, and the baby for that matter), I think I’d want to use it.

Weigh in! What do you think? Do you agree with Lisa or think she should use her God-given gift to put her baby to sleep at night?

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