Why Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Make Their Marriage Last Where Diana and Charles Failed

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Prince William and Kate will succeed where Prince Charles and Diana failed

Though Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding was one that was watched around the world just like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s, Charles and Diana’s marriage fell apart in spectacular fashion. 

But, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage will last! Why?

Well, Prince William and Kate Middleton have a much better idea of what they are getting into.  Prince William knows the problems his mother had with the press and being in a constant spotlight.  He’ll be much more sympathetic to her.

Kate Middleton is ten years older than Diana was when she got married.  Let’s face it: most 19 year-olds really aren’t that mature. Not that Diana wasn’t truly fabulous, but who doesn’t go through a time of finding themself at that age?  At 29, Kate Middleton is much more self-assured and handles the attention with grace and ease.

But, the most important reason why Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage will last is that they are actually in love! Not so for Prince Charles and Diana: Prince Charles did not adore Diana the way that Prince William obviously adores Kate.

We wish the couple many happy years together!

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