Why Richard Hatch is Seen as a Villain, No Matter What He Does On Celebrity Apprentice

celebrity apprentice 2011
Richard Hatch: Always the Villain

If last night’s Celebrity Apprentice has just been a regular The Apprentice and we hadn’t known anything about any of the contestants, Richard Hatch might have been seen in a different light.

Instead, Richard Hatch is seen as a bully. You can click to find out details about last night’s show, if you missed it.  But, the contestants all saw him that way before he even did anything last night. Why?

Well, there is Richard Hatch’s Survivor past: he was the first villain of Survivor, even though he was also the first winner of the show.  And really, there have been worst villains since his run on Survivor.  But, since he was the first, people still talk about him.  The only reason he was not invited back to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is because he was under house arrest.

In 2006, Richard Hatch was sentenced to 51 months in prison for tax evasion for failing to report his Survivor winnings and other income on his tax returns, though he claims that CBS was supposed to pay his taxes. 

What do you think of Richard Hatch?

Photo: PRPhotos