Why Sean Penns Son Arrested – Fast Times at A Malibu High


sean_penn_doesn't_care_about_oscar_hypeIt got out this week that Sean Penn’s son Hopper Jack got busted at school. And not just a little bit of detention or a wack with a ruler, dude got arrested.

16-year-old Hopper was taken into custody at his Malibu high school last week. Since the news got out there has been much speculation on what got him in trouble. Was it hacking into the schools computers? Was it fighting? Was it vandalism? Nope it was…drugs.

Perhaps revisiting daddy’s famous role as the infamous Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is reporting that two sources very familiar to the situation have said he was busted for possessing narcotics. There is no word on what drugs he was had on him. The kid has had it tough lately with his parent Penn and mom Robin Wright Penn filing for divorce back in August.