Why the Parents of Joran Van Der Sloot's Victims May Never Get Closure


It’s one of the worst nightmares a parent could possibly go through: Losing a child and then never finding out the full truth of what happened. I would imagine part of eventually finding peace (if that’s ever possible) is at least knowing the circumstances surrounding the child’s death. Unfortunately, the parents of Joran Van Der Sloot’s suspected victims, Stephany Flores and Natalee Holloway, may never have that chance. Here’s why:

1) Only Joran is able to provide the answers, and he’s a pathological liar. In the Holloway case, he’s changed his story multiple times: he dropped her off at a hotel; she had convulsions and he disposed of the body out at sea with the assistance of a friend; and finally that he sold her into sexual slavery. More recently he said his father helped him bury Holloway’s body in the foundation of a house. In the Flores case, he first claimed a robber killed Flores before confessing to the crime, claiming she accessed his computer, setting off his anger. Van Der Sloot’s close confidante and ex-girlfriend said of him: “He would lie for no apparent reason at all … and if you caught him at it … he would double down and be even more serious about the story.”

2) The one other person who might have some insight into Holloway’s fate is deceased. Van Der Sloot’s father, Paul — perhaps the one other person who might know the truth about what happened to Holloway —  died of a heart attack earlier this year, taking any knowledge he may have had to the grave.

3) His mother, Anita Van Der Sloot, does not seem inclined to encourage her son to come clean. In fact, in an e-mail she was insisting he was set up in the Flores case, saying Joran “is not a murderer” and “it stinks and feels like a big trap set up for him.”

4) He could get killed in jail before the families get justice — and the truth. Former inmate and prison expert Larry Levine believes Van Der Sloot could be killed in Peruvian prison. “”I’d tell him, ‘you’re not going to make it. What you need to do is pray because someone’s gonna kill ya, and just enjoy the rest of the time you have on earth’.”

5) A psychological report deemed Van Der Sloot sane, but someone who “devalues women” and “is indifferent when it comes to the welfare of others.” Which means he would have no compassion for the victims’ families, and no interest in easing their pain by speaking the truth.

I think of Beth Holloway Twitty and wonder what it must be like to not have been able to bury her daughter, wondering if Natalee is still alive and then finally accepting that she is most likely deceased. You hear stories about families that had given up hope only to have their child rescued, like Jaycee Dugard, and wonder if it rekindles Beth’s prayer for a miracle. Plus the fact Van Der Sloot may never be tried in that case. Let’s hope all the parents get the answer they’re looking for — and justice.

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