Why the sad face, Cara Gosselin?


Recently, the Gosselin house in Reading, Penn., has been parent-free. Eight kids, two (or more nannies), but no mom or dad. All of that changed today, when both Kate and Jon converged on the Gosselin home. It looked as if there might be a fracas — both Gosselin parents at the same time! — but alas, that never quite happened. Think: ships passing in the day. A full timeline of the events, plus another Gosselin photo from today, below.

Kate arrived early, fresh from her Dancing With the Stars elimination. She played with the kids, packed a suitcase, and within a mere 20 minutes was back outside. She said goodbye to Mady on the stoop and then hopped into a waiting limousine, with bodyguard Steve Neild in tow.

Next Jon arrived to spend the day — and maybe longer, time will tell — with the kids. Though from the looks of it, he seemed more interested in his blackberry than the twins or sextuplets. So we sympathize with Cara Gosselin, up top. Finally she gets time with a parent, and he’s not in a playtime mood. We’ll keep you updated as the Gosselin Family drama evolves.