Why Was Martha Stewart On Dancing With The Stars Last Night?

martha stewart
Martha Stewart: "Dancing with the Stars" is a good thing!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite “Dancing with the Stars” game: Why was that random celebrity in the audience? Last night the camera landed on Martha Stewart, cheering her homemaking heart out in a prominent front-row seat as the dancers competed individually and then in the dance marathon.

So what was Martha doing there? Does she have a favorite a la Jamie Lee Curtis, who’s squarely on team Baby-Derek? Or was she scouting out the show for a future appearance herself?

It could be that Stewart was simply in the area she taped an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” yesterday. And her daughter, Alexis, has discussed “Stars” on “Whatever Martha,” the show in which she makes fun of her mom.

But I can’t seem to find evidence of Stewart’s allegiance to anyone … unless she was a closet The Situation fan and was on to protest him getting bumped.

What do you think why was Stewart on hand yesterday?

Photo: Martha Stewart Living