Why Was Russell Hantz a Cry Baby on Survivor?

russell hantz
Why did Russell Hantz cry when he was eliminated from Survivor?

Russell Hantz is probably the biggest villain in Survivor history: he has had some amazing Survivor moments.

But, when he was voted off of Survivor: Redemption Island and then lost the Redemption Island duel, Russell Hantz was actually brought tears!

It wasn’t even the first time that Russell started crying on Survivor, which is hard to believe, since he comes across as such a tough guy. So, why did Russell Hantz cry?

Russell saysthat the reason he got all choked up is because Survivor host Jeff Probst got choked up first! “When I looked into Jeff’s (Probst) eyes, when it happened, he looked down to the ground and said, ‘Give me a second.’ This is stuff y’all didn’t see. These are my friends, for the past year and a half, the cameramen, soundmen are people I’ve spent a ton of time with and are my family out there. When he did that, I felt like I let everyone down.”

Maybe there really is a big softie under that Survivor villain exterior!