Why We Still Love "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (VIDEO)


“A Charlie Brown Christmas” has been around since 1965, yet it is usually still on our must-watch holiday list of movies.  Why has it stood the test of time?

*We like to root for the underdog and Charlie Brown is the ultimate underdog.

*Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree will make our own trees look so much better, no matter how poorly decorated they are or how many needles have fallen off our trees.

*Who can resist the charms of Snoopy?

*We related to Charlie Brown’s complaint that the holidays are so commercialized and want to find that true holiday spirit.

Is it any wonder that a tagline for the show is “Happiness is watching A Charlie Brown Christmas?

You can watch the special with your family on ABC tonight at 8pm ET.  But, if you can’t wait, you can watch Linus explain to Charlie Brown what the true meaning of Christmas is right here: