Why We Think Tori Spelling Loves Being A Mom (And Why I Love Being A Mom Too)

Tori's kids, Liam and Stella

Tori Spelling is one of our most favorite celebrity moms (and not just because she coolly dismissed her husband’s Twittergate scandal like a pro), but because she simply loves playing her greatest role to date: a mother.

While there are celebrity mothers out there who are more fixated on buying their tots expensive designer clothes, sending them off to $500-an hour ballet lessons and taking them on trips to far off places across the globe like Kindergarten didn’t matter, Tori keeps it real. And by real, I mean Target real. Girlfriend shops at our favorite store and is proud of it!

Sure, Tori might be incredibly glamorous and is used to the finer things in life having been raised in a $600 million mansion, but she seems incredibly down to earth when it comes to her family. Her kids always look super cute and not super over the top.

While there’s no doubt that motherhood sure has its high and low points (as we all seem to love our kids even more after bedtime) there are certain aspects of the job we love most. Check out our top ten reasons why I just like Tori love being a mom.

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    Being a Mom
    Being a mom means you have to start eating healthy in order for your kids to eat healthy, too. In Tori's case she loves eating fresh oranges.
  • Being a Mom 2 of 10
    Being a Mom
    The best family nights are ones when pizza is involved. Tori's family loves meatball, pepperoni and garlic pizza.
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    Being a Mom
    The best part of being a mom? You get to snack along with them with healthy, bite-sized snacks such as Babybel cheese (apparently they are Tori's and my 4-year-old daughter's favorite).
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    Being a Mom
    Precious moments like these make memories last forever. Tori loves using Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. These are my gymnasts-to-be goofing around in our backyard.
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    Being a Mom
    Motherhood brings out your creativity while introducing your kids to art.
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    Being a Mom
    Tori is one of the most popular mom bloggers on the internet. Here are my two children copy editing my own blog.
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    Being a Mom
    Birthday cakes! While we eat our fruits and veggies with our kids during the weekend, we get to indulge in our sweet tooth at birthday parties on the weekends.
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    Being a Mom
    Being a mom means you get to be fashionably frugal. Tori loves to shop at Target. I got these toddler sized shades there for $6.99!
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    Being a Mom
    Summer fun. Moms love to cool down with their kids when the weather gets warm.
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    Being a Mom
    The best thing about being a mom? All the unconditional love you receive for doing perhaps the most difficult job in the world.

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