Why Would Giuliana and Bill Rancic Reveal Their Surrogate?

The Rancics and Their Surrogate

An interesting thing happens when one is on a reality TV show, the lines of public and private life become very blurred. In a surprise to many, Giuliana and Bill Rancic have opted to share with the world the woman who carried their baby, their gestational surrogate named Delphine. Their surrogate, and the delivery of their baby Edward Duke, was captured by cameras and is airing on their show Giuliana & Bill. Why?

You may remember what happens when a celebrity family tries to keep the identity of their surrogate secret. Back in 2009, two Ohio police chiefs were arrested for illegally entering Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s surrogate’s home allegedly to “gather information to sell to the tabloids.” It appears that Giuliana and Bill Rancic figured that honesty was the best policy. But one must wonder if the surrogate was paid extra to not just appear on the show but to let her identity be known. The Rancic’s were very impressed with their surrogate saying that they,  “hit the gestational carrier lottery.”

“She’s great. She’s a very caring woman,” Rancic told Us Weekly in May during the surrogate’s pregnancy. “She’s giving us a gift and we’re going to be eternally grateful.”

The Rancic’s did reveal her identity only after their baby boy was born, which makes far more sense then letting the world know who she was during her pregnancy.

Photo Source: Via Style