Why Would The Westboro Baptist Church Protest Elizabeth Edwards Funeral?


Elizabeth Edwards funeral

Elizabeth Edwards funeral was to be time to pay tribute to a woman, mother, and icon. The beloved estranged wife of John Edwards lost her battle with cancer and while most will be paying their resects at the services for their lost mother, friend, acquaintance and someone they admired, a different set will be coming but not to pay tribute but rather to protest. The Westboro Bapist Church will be. Why would anyone picket Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral?

Westboro Bapist Church is based in Kansas will be sending members of their congregation to their religious/political point at would should have been a time to just honor Elizabeth Edwards.

Westboro Bapist Church’s reason? Their flyer for the protest that is titled “God Hates Elizabeth Edwards” says and that all should “Flee her example its latter end is disease & death & orphaned children.”

“When they were visited from the Most High God with the death of their 16-year-old son, they did not humble themselves before His mighty hand. They reared up in rage, decided they would show God who is boss, and meddled in matters of the womb, resulting in 2 more children — now motherless.” They also say that Elizabeth Edwards is “now a “resident of hell, where her rebellion and rage will take full flower.”

Do you think that it’s fine that the Westboro Bapist Church is protesting at her funeral? Or do you think it’s completly crazy?


Photo: PCN

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