Wife of Chilean Miner with Mistress Is (Or Is Not?) There To Greet Him Upon His Rescue After All!

yonni barrios
Awww! The Chilean miner with a mistress' wife was there to greet him after all.

In the end, Martina Salinas was there to greet her husband, Yonni Barrios, despite the fact that she discovered while he was underground that the Chilean miner had a mistress, prompting her threat to boycott her husband’s rescue. Barrios, who earned the nickname “Dr. House” from his fellow miners because he ministered to them using the skills he honed caring for his diabetic mom growing up, was just rescued about 30 minutes ago.

And his wife was there to give him a hug and a passionate kiss, despite the fact that she said earlier today that she would not go to the rescue the Chilean miner had allegedly invited his mistress AND his wife to come, which is definitely a faux pas in the “How To Conduct Your Affair” book.

Salinas found out Barrios had been carrying on a 10-year affair with Susana Valenzuela behind her back when they both attended a candlelight vigil for the miners more than a month ago. Salinas became suspicious when she heard Valenzuela calling out her husband’s name.

Salinas and Barrios shared what CNN described as a “passionate embrace” and a few words before he was loaded onto the stretcher no sign of Valenzuela. We’ll have wait and see if all is forgiven or if this was just a temporary reconciliation. I’d love to hear what he said to her any guesses?

Update, 4:27 p.m.: Hmm, now CNN has erased the reference to Barrios’ wife and others are saying it was his mistress who greeted him … we may not have the happy ending after all.