Wil Wheaton Reprises His 'Evil Wil Wheaton' Role Yet Again!

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Wil Wheaton reprises his 'Evil Wil Wheaton' role

Wil Wheaton is reprised his role as ‘Evil Wil Wheaton ‘ for a 3rd time on Big Bang Theory tonight.  Wil Wheaton has been a surprisingly popular guest star on the hilarious sit com. The episode titled “The 21-Second Excitation” follows the series regulars as they camp out for a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark that includes 21 seconds of never-before-seen footage and of course run into ‘Evil Wil Wheaton’ in the line up!

I had an enormous crush on Wil Wheaton when I was young after watching him in ‘Stand by Me’, and then watching him as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek The Next Generation.  It’s nice to see Wil Wheaton back on television and he plays the role of ‘Evil Wil Wheaton’ perfectly as the perfect nemesis to Jim Parson’s character of Sheldon.

Wil Wheaton tells USA Today that Big Bang Theory and the ability to play a caricature of himself has provided a new lease on his career.  “I’m really fortunate,” he says. “I’m employed full time as an actor and it’s like I have little families scattered all over the entertainment industry that I get to visit from time to time.”

Did you watch Big Bang Theory tonight? What did you think of ‘Evil Wil Wheaton’? You can check out the promo below

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