Will a New Baby Help Kelly Preston and John Travolta Grieve?


When John Travolta and Kelly Preston lost their son Jett Travolta last year, their grief must have been overwhelming. Jett, who was rumored to be autistic, died of a seizure, at just 16 years of age. Now comes the news that Preston and Travolta are expecting another child, and you have have to wonder: is this pregnancy a way of coping with Jett’s untimely death?

It certainly appears that way. Following Jett’s death, Travolta and Preston were candid about the pain they were suffering. “Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered,” they said in a joint statement. “We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief.”

If the new baby is meant to help them grieve, their choice isn’t without precedent. Look at John and Elizabeth Edwards, who had two children, Emma Claire and Jack, shortly after losing their son, Wade, in a car accident.

Like the Edwards family, Travolta and Preston are also the parents of a daughter, 10-year-old Ella, who was left as an only child following her brother’s death. It seems to me that adding to their family may not only be a healthy response to loss but also a great parenting move, where their daughter is concerned. Having a child brings a unique type of energy and joy into a family, and I don’t blame them for being eager to experience that type of happiness all over again. It also may also help Ella cope with her loss, and show her that even in the midst of grief, there is an opportunity for new joy. I wish them all the best!