Will And Jada Ax The Head Of Their Scientology School


will-smith-jada-pinkett-smithIf you want absolute control over what your kids learn in school, home school them. If you want to brainwash control what their classmates learn, buy the school and fire the superintendent. That’s what Will and Jada did when they found out that the head of their school, Jaqueline Olivier, was uncomfortable with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.

From Radar:

“Jada phoned Jaqueline and told her that they had ‘decided to go in another direction’ with the school,” an insider told “As head of the campus her position was becoming untenable as she did not agree with Study Tech and felt uncomfortable with it.”  Olivier “thrashed-out” a severance package with the couple and “it’s understood that she signed a confidentiality agreement with regard to her time at the school.”

Even though the celebrity parents claim that they’re not involved affiliated with the church of Scientology, they are very open about their appreciation for L. Ron Hubbard and his ideas… hence their love of Study Tech.

In case you’re wondering (an don’t feel like looking it up on Wikipedia for yourself), Study Tech is an educational methodolgy developed by L Ron Hubbard that basically has an incredibly simplistic view on how to achieve comprehension. All students can learn the same things the same way, there’s no such thing as mental illness… blah, blah. It’s similar to what we heard about Jett Travolta.

Hey, Will and Jada own the school, so they can run it however they want, I guess. Their two kids Willow, 7, and Jaden, 9, will both attend, but who else will want to send their kids to Scientology school?