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Will Anita Van Der Sloot Stand By Her Son Again?

By Lulu and Moxleys Mom |

Now that Joran Van Der Sloot has confessed to killing a young woman in Peru, reports say his mother Anita Van Der Sloot is en route to Peru today.  She stood by him throughout the Natalee Holloway ordeal, saying “I love my child. I believe in him 200 percent and it’s like a big nightmare.” The family lawyer says she is “shocked” by the current charges and one has to wonder — will she defend him as innocent this time around too? Maybe so, if she feels his upbringing or an event suffered in his childhood led to this behavior.

According to a leading psychiatrist, serial killers aren’t born with the desire to kill — emotional or physical violence turns them into killers.

Per New York Times best-selling author and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, serial killers “are always made, never born” and evil “never appears out of the womb.” He theorizes that early emotional or physical trauma or abuse is linked to becoming a serial killer later in life.  If Joran did suffer some kind of early abuse, Anita probably feels a tremendous amount of guilt for her son’s problems, perhaps blaming herself. As any mother might regardless of what chain of events led to an offspring becoming a murderer. Which may lead to her defending his behavior no matter what.

If your child was suspected of such heinous crimes, would you try to hire the best lawyers to get them off, even if you believed them to be guilty? Or would you be unable to believe they were guilty, even if the facts proved otherwise?  I would hope Anita helps to convince her son to tell the truth — about this murder and what really happened to Natalee Holloway five years ago.  Assuming, of course, Joran is guilty.

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50 thoughts on “Will Anita Van Der Sloot Stand By Her Son Again?

  1. kim says:

    This Sloot animal should have been put away the first time for Holloway;s murder and perhaps the young girl from Peru would still be alive today. I blame the government and prosecutors in Holloway’s murder case for letting this jerk go in the first place. It was obvious to the world that he is a liar and murderer and has no self control.

  2. Abby says:

    Many (male) serial killers exclusively murder women. It’s rare that the personal & socialized misogyny is brought into play when discussing these issues.

  3. HeatherNoble says:

    Anita needs to MAN up and condemn her son. I bet there are more out there, for real. And standing by you once is expected, but standing by you AGAIN when the whole world heard you confessed makes you look intellectually and morally defunct. PATHETIC. What kind of family is this?

  4. nhg says:

    I wouldn’t describe Joran as a serial killer; sociopathic, probably. Serial Killers usually kill for sport and plan the killings out in advance or are serial rapists who kill their victims in order to avoid getting identified and caught. They have a routine. In Joran’s case, the recent killing appears to have been impulsive. If he killed Natalie H., her death may have been the result of a similar incident where she enraged him; or accidental, possibly due to a date-rape drug or date-rape itself. Re. Stephany; Joran had gone out to get coffee for both of them, and if she wouldn’t have started checking personal things on his computer (he caught her red-handed), she would probably be alive today. This is not to say that she deserved it. Not at all. Maybe she read about what really happened to Natalie, something he had been preparing for the “extortion”, or something (evidence) that would have been made public and gotten him convicted for a crime he had committed.

  5. HeatherNoble says:

    Actually on second thought – she needs to tell him to confess to everything, for the sake of the parents. And that means all victims, known and unknown.

  6. NHG — The psychiatrist says in his article there are two different types of serial killlers. Joran would be a “disorganized” one because of what you pointed out — lack of planning. Read the linked article, pretty interesting.

  7. milipan says:

    I feel bad for his mom. I hope that she can get through this.

  8. Gabrielle says:

    I am in total agreement with NHG. Those are exactly my sentiments and take on this case.

  9. James says:


    What you are saying is very true that many (Male) serial kilers exclusively murder women that I am not denying at all. I am ashamed of my sex when men murder women and children and I hope that Joran Van Der Sloot dies a slow and painfull death in prison in Peru. I am hearbroken and have a lot of sympathy towards the Holloway and Ramirez families and I hope that Joran Van Der Sloot spends many painfull years in prison for what he did. I consider him a scum bag who should have tried in the State of Alabama for Natalie Holloway’s murder and sententenced to death and executed in Old Sparky. Real men never harm or kill women and children and this bastard is nothing more then a coward. I hope that he becomes some ones bitch in prison to a fat dark Peruvian called Bubba and I hope that Bubba would make this savage misognist like a living hell for the rest of his life. I can only imagine what the families of these 2 young women are going through and my heart breaks for them and I prey that they will be able to find a little peace knowing that where Joran Van Der Sloot is going is a LIVING HELL.

    BTW their had been many (Male) serial killers who murder men and many of these serial killers are ignored today. I am going to give you a list of male serial killers who only murdered men and they are

    Name: John Wayne Gacy
    Alias: The Killer Clown
    DOB: March 17, 1942
    DOD: May 10, 1994
    Murdered: 33 (Males)

    Name: Jeffrey Dahmer
    Alias: The Milwaukee Cannibal
    DOB: May 21, 1960
    DOD: November 28, 1994
    Murdered: 17 (Males)

    Name: William Bonin
    Alias: The Freeway Killer
    DOB: January 8, 1947
    DOD: Febuary 23, 1996
    Murdered: 21-36 (Males)

    Name: Patrick Kearney
    Alias: The Trash Bag Killer
    DOB: 1940
    Murdered: 28 (Males)

    Name: Randy Kraft
    Alias: The Southern Californian Strangler
    DOB: March 19, 1945
    Murdered: 16-67 (Males)

    Name: Wayne Williams
    Alias: The Atlanta Child Murderer
    DOB: May 27, 1958
    Murdered: 2-31 (Males)

    Name: Juan Corona
    Alias: The Machete Murderer
    DOB: 1934
    Murdered: 25 (Males)


  10. Sven says:

    What “mommie dearest” relationship does this woman have with him to cause her to rush to his side after he admits bashing this Stephanie to death?

  11. Sally Sue says:

    The parents have always been enablers.. from birth Joran van der Sloot has never had to own up to his own deeds and live with the consequences and as a result, he has grown up thinking he can do whatever he wants as there is no piper to pay… how else would any child think if after a horrific incident where a young woman dies, this kid can contact his father and they depose of the evidence??? His Mom along with her son, are living with the harvest of the seeds that were planted from a child. She has 2 younger sons, I pray to God she learns from her mistakes and allow these 2 other sons to accept full responsibility for their actions..

  12. Laura says:

    Come clean Anita, your just as guilty as that animal son of yours!! Don’t tell me you know absolutely nothing about Natalie’s murder. Your son murdered her and now he’s murdered again. And you let him!!!

  13. Bleaux says:

    Will the MSM call out Great von Sustern for proclaiming Johan’s innocence?

  14. Tara says:

    Yes indeed, Anita has a lot of explaining to do. She has done a really lousy job raising that boy of hers. Shame on her always taking the easy road, and this is what you get when you don’t parent as you should, making the more difficult and yes, painful choices. I have seen a lot of these enabler Moms. Their kids are really messed up. No one ever said parenting is not hard, it hurts a lot of the time, but if you are thinking of them, you discipline them and make the tough choices so that later in life they know the paths they should take and their lives become easy. Anita was just thinking of herself, as was her sweaty husband. Two of the most clueless parents around. I have not pity, just disdain. I do not know too many parents that would go so far as to cover up a murder. There is no coming back from this as far as Joran is concerned.

  15. Hilda says:

    Anita Van Der Sloot has been an enabler – I can remember during the Holloway case supporting her soon, calling him a good boy, saying the girl will be found, etc – The parents knew everything – And covered up!
    Justice for joran is for a broken neck in jail by a Peruvian inmate, Nothing less.

  16. Stephanie Hemingway says:

    I think we have been so caught up with the sensationalism of the two incidents that of the Holloway disappearance and the Stephany Flores murder that no one seems interested in checking out his childhood history; interviewing his childhood friends, teachers, current and past girlfriends to construct the narrative of his past and find out whether there were incidents in his past that would give us a window into his dark soul. And while at it isn’t this a good time to interview the Kalpoe brothers about the Halloway disappearance? With Joran now likely to be put away for a decade or two the two brothers may be more likely to let out whatever secrets they may have been holding for Joran.

  17. Sam says:

    If you guys actually believe he killed her becasue she “invaded his privacy by looking at his laptop”, I have a bridge to sell ya!

    More likely she refused his sexual advances and he snapped. More than likely what happened to Natalie Holloway as well.

  18. greta says:

    Everybody in this world has to say about Joran. I am NOT defending him. I am just saying that many of you who never ever meet him nor his family condemn so much. Jesus never condemn anyone, then again many of you probably are like Joran. Narcisstic.

  19. Dee says:

    I don’t believe a word Joran says. He probably made up the story that Stephany was on his computer reading his personal business. Why does everyone believe him? He told lie after lie in the Holloway case. Does he want to divert everyone’s attention back to Natalie Holloway so he can get his sorry ass out of Peru thinking because he committed that crime first he will be tried for that crime first. He makes up stories to suit himself. Maybe he just killed Stephany in a rage. Who said he went out for Coffee, was that on tape? When they showed the tapes of him going in and out of his room there was no footage on him going out for coffee and returning to the room. He is lying. He wants to be sent to U.S. so he can get out of going to jail in Peru. He is using Natalie Holloway case as a way to get out of Peru — again where is the footage of the tape of him leaving the room for coffee.

  20. Stacie says:

    She knows. She needs to confess what she knows.
    For her peace. It’s time today to do what is right, and tell everything she’s stuffed. All the bits of info she knows how big or small…she must speak them right now today.
    She’s lost him. He belongs to Peruvian Lady Justice now. Her job of hiding everything has to end right now. IF Anita wants to ever be okay again, today is the day of truth. Anita will not withstand the torture of this unless she confesses what she knows or suspects. Her late husband …it killed him dead what he knew.
    He could not “live” knowing what he did. He’s dead. He knew the truth. So Anita will not be able to live without admitting what she’s heard or been told, or found, or suspected. Anita, stop this crazy insanity, tell it all. Go to God with the truth, then go to the authorities with the “truth.” Do it, it’s the right thing to do, and you will be free of your tortured mind. Your son Joran is a cold blooded murderer, he may be your son, but he’s his own weapon unleashed upon this world because you did not honestly confess all you know. Two very promising young naive women are dead today because you did not take control Joran’s demon driver early while you could, now Paulus is dead, Joran is all but dead, and who’s next?
    I suggest you go to Joran, insist he tell it all, tell him you are going to tell everything you know, because this insanity must stop today right now, and explain there is a just God, He sees all, and Joran is not promised his next breath unless God sees fit to extend it, and this is going to stop with you today. Have Joran pray with you, then call in counsel, and come completely clean with all details today of every single woman Joran’s killed, when and where, and everything. Leave not a single detail out. Call in the Holloway’s, have them come, and you sit with those grief stricken parents, and come clean. Tell it all. Ask them to forgive you. THEY WILL, tell it all. Unite in prayer together, ask for God to give you the words, and tell it all. Listen, you can then know, you have done the best most right thing here. Joran is not probably coming out of this deal alive, but he chose this and he will now have to pay with his life for this. Not by the death penalty, but Peruvian justice is not pretty. It’s deadly. IF you can have Joran confess everything, then he can die with a clear conscience, and he then is free to make peace with God thru Christ. If not, Hell is waiting for Joran, and that is forever torture, no changing that, a just God has that deal already promised to every person born. So it’s either make it right now, or the reality for Joran is only just getting started…. YOU PICK IT TODAY. Do the right thing Anita. This is in your hands now. We are all hoping you chose right. God speed.

  21. Dee says:

    I want to say that my heart goes out to Natalie Holloway who lost her life at such a young age but we must remember Stephany. Everyone is talking more about the Holloway case now. That is exactly what Joran wants.Now is about the pain of Stephany being beaten to death by this beast and making up lies about how she died, about the pain her parents are going through right now. I read that the Police are questioning him re the Holloway murder and I believe that is because her father is asking them to do it. He said he wanted to speak to the Holloway’s and it will be because of Stephany’s father that we will see the Holloway case solved. He is very popular in peru and has a lot of influence. I have to say how much I respect him for wanting to bring justice in the Holloway case because right now I can’t imagine the pain he is feeling and I wouldn’t want to. Stephany RIP and to her family, I hope one day you will be able to find peace in your lives and be able to find some joy in life which will probably be the hardest thing for you because losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

  22. pammi says:

    I can imagined how shocked she is that he has confessed, after all didn’t her and her husband teach Joran to lie and deny when he murdered a girl, the nerve of him, after all they taught him.

  23. [...] which he was a suspect five years ago . Many wonder how Joran’s mother, Anita Van Der Sloot, vehemently proclaimed her son’s innocence when some were convinced she and her now-deceased husband Paul knew Joran was lying about his [...]

  24. Xelina says:

    Dear God, give Anita van der Sloot strenght, and forgive all those who share hate.

  25. alison pasea says:

    once again all I have to say is torture the bastard to within an inch of his life then hang him!

  26. nikki says:

    I definitely think dat Joran has some serious problems. He shows many signs of a psychopath: the egocentrism, the lies, crocodile tears… I do not believe him to be a serial killer however and I think junmping to conclusions regarding his parents is just as screwed up as Jorans actions are. Of course his mother jumps on a plane to Peru. So would your parents. Even if it was to hear the story straight form the horses mouth. Need a reminder that everyone is innocent until proven guilty? Yes, he confessed, and perhaps he did it, all evidence leads to him, but a ‘voluntary’ confession after an 11 hour interrogation by Peruvian authorities and the FBI doesn’t seem too reliable. We’ll see. Although I believe he is involved in both the NH case and the SF case I suggest we await the outcome of the investigations. Let’s focus on more important stuff in the meantime: if the FBI had all the evidence of blackmail, why didn’t they arrest him earlier? Instead they allowed him to escape to Peru, speaking of enablers…
    I think all comments towards his mother and (late) father, let alone his brothers, are unsubstantiated and ridiculous. They have suffered enough and they deal with this on a daily basis. His poor brothers get haunted by reporters which remind them of their deviant brother on a daily basis. Typically American to judge them like that. STOP IT.

  27. JBE says:

    Nikki, I totally agree with your rationale.
    As a Christian, I know Joran’s soul is precious to God.
    How ignorant of others to condemn without walking a mile in the shoes of those they condemn. None of us are perfect as parents and no one seeks to ruin a child…even the worst parent. Anita loves her son unconditionally as most parents do. Yes, there is tought love when it is best to allow the child to reap the consequences of actions as I have no doubt Joran will.
    Joran, if guilty, is not the first or only person to ever kill. Just watch Dateline or 2020! Joran is in the company of Apostle Paul, Moses and King David. YET, in spite of this, these men were forgiven AND used mightily by God.
    Christ died for EVERY soul…not just the so-called perfect or self righteous but for sinners as we all are.
    My prayer is that God will lead Joran to tell the truth, that the secret deeds of darkness be revealed and that God will save his soul…. and that other parents will teach their children, esp young ladies, to NEVER leave companions to go off with a stranger…and to leave drugs and alcohol alone. They are not necessary to have a good time.

  28. Pisgah Lady says:

    I studied in college psychology that a child is most formed by the same sex parent. I think that his father’s attitudes, and probably even the way he treated Joran’s mother, weighs heavily into this complicated equasion.

  29. Michele says:

    Revenge is so sweet, as he will soon find out in that prison….looking forward to the details…….his dad deserved to die…as does he….his whole family will suffer the rest of their days…as it should be….

  30. alisha says:

    No matter who it is, your son, daughter, mom, husband, wife…you have no right to defend them as a murderer. You do the right thing and do whatever possible to get them to take their punishment, it is not about them anymore! This man took the life of 2 of gods angels and his parents aloud him to do it again. They all no right from wrong and are just as guilty as he is for supporting him in all that he has done. I hope his mother dies a slow painful death from M.S. Or gets in an mva that leaves her paralized from the neck down! She is a horrible human being!

  31. miller says:

    Clearly, Joran’s parents spoiled him rotten and enabled him in bad behavior. If I were his mother, I would end his life because he will always be dangerous and there is no possibility of rehabilitation. She who brought him into this world should send him out of this world.

  32. Nikki says:

    Hatred fueled posts like the last three do not serve any purpose. If, and I repeat IF, his father was somehow involved in the NH case he has been punished for his involvement by dropping dead at 57. His mother is living a nightmare and his brothers lost their safe haven. You do not know anything about the way he was raised. People that respond in such a violent manner should get their heads examined. It is god awfulwhat you wish upon his family, these people did nothing wrong!

  33. Carlene says:

    Very sad, I would not like to be in her shoes. A mother’s love is very strong.Thoughts and prayers are with all the lives touched by this tragedy. God Bless all.

  34. isabel touchette says:

    Regardless of her guilt, she needs to do the right thing, if she knows anything about the Holloway case now is the time to come forward w/ the truth! Two wrongs dont make a right!.

  35. silvi says:

    Anita needs to do the right thing and beg her son to come clean if she doesn’t then she is as guilty as he and god will have no mercy.

  36. Mary says:

    Why do so many people believe it when Joran said Stephany was on his personal laptop? Can anything he says be believed? Come on, she can’t speak from the grave, but I would not give his version much credibility without someone else corroboration. (Have they checked to see if she was really using his computer that morning?)

  37. Meg says:

    Why does everyone always blame the mother? Joran is a grown man with a mental problem. He is controlling and angry. This isn’t necessarily his mother’s fault (or his father’s). But, his father DID help him get out of the trouble he was in the last time. His parents should have turned him in so he couldn’t kill again. That was their mistake.

  38. Catherine Hodge Smith says:

    Stephanie didn’t speak Dutch or read Dutch, so why would she be using his computer? He had already changed clothes, her pants were already removed and she was already dead when he went for coffee. She undoubtedly refused his advances and he was after her money anyway. Anita Van der Sloot surely knows what her son and husband did with Natalee’s body. I hope that Anita gets arrested for impeding justice in Aruba. What are the other two sons like? Surprising that more investigative reports haven’t been done on the Van der Sloot family…

  39. LilyWong says:

    Prayers to Anita van der Sloot as well as I have sent condolences to the Holloway family. Prayers for Stephany’s family. There are no winners here, but the biggest loser is Joran…

  40. Barbara says:

    I must comment. We do know how he was raised. He was allowed to drive underage, allowed to drink underage, allowed to do drugs underage and he was given $50,000 set up by his parents at the casinos to gamble with underage, need I say more. Also the tape shows him in a different shirt going to get coffee, when hereturns he looks up at the camera, turns around a few times and knocks then leaves and comes back with an attendant to open his door. He had already killed her. He said he came back found her on the computer. lie!

  41. Barbara says:

    Since Stephany was found in her underpants it more than likely was her refusing him and he felt how dare she, and became enraged. He covered her with the shirt he strangled her with ( a profiler stated that was a sign of a sexual attack). Then he sat down and ate breakfast by her body. Since he had current charts on him when he was arrested in chile and told the police he was trying to figure out how to dump her in the ocean, it probably shows where Natalee is. A killer usually uses the same successful method.

  42. Mrs G Norris says:

    Anyone consider the possibility that Joran’s mum is terrified of him and was of paulus too? Just a possibility I thought that it was a home of mysogyny and violence. Well she is safe now if that is true I hope she talks too for the sake of everyone and to empower other mothers.

  43. mary roberson says:

    whereas i believe joran is guilty and should be made pay for what he did, i do not believe the mother is fully aware that her son is a sociopath. even though i know none of the people involved, i think it is deplorable the way he would try to extort money from natalee’s family. my heart goes out to all who have been hurt by this heartless man, including his mother.

  44. Louise says:

    Joran Van Der Sloot is a very dangerous man (boy). A true sociopath. He has no conscious and no remorse of the damage he’s cause the Holloway family, Stephanie’s family, his own family and the country of Aruba. None what-so-ever. Now he claims he’ll tell where Natalie’s body is if he can be turned over to the Aruban government. Translated, that would mean he did kill Natalie and has known where her body is for five full years. Despite the pain and trauma of everyone around him, he choose to keep this information to himself. The Holloway family should be allowed to bury their daughter. Actually, they should be planning her wedding or college graduation party.

  45. Baffled says:

    Joran’s father is dead making him and orphan,and his mother is now a widow and single mother. If she steps away from Joran she will lose another family member and Joran was the baby she birthed. Also people need families as the basic unit of society to keep them in check and also provide incentive for rehabilitation. I’m sorry about what happened to these two girls, but I feel that there is so much more complexities tied to this. Why did this young man kill, will he do it gain, can we make things right.

  46. george says:

    I think Joran has a pattern, he only kill strangers. He thinks he can easily get away by killing strangers, he didn’t kill his neighbours in Aruba

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