Will Anita Van Der Sloot Stand By Her Son Again?


Now that Joran Van Der Sloot has confessed to killing a young woman in Peru, reports say his mother Anita Van Der Sloot is en route to Peru today.  She stood by him throughout the Natalee Holloway ordeal, saying “I love my child. I believe in him 200 percent and it’s like a big nightmare.” The family lawyer says she is “shocked” by the current charges and one has to wonder — will she defend him as innocent this time around too? Maybe so, if she feels his upbringing or an event suffered in his childhood led to this behavior.

According to a leading psychiatrist, serial killers aren’t born with the desire to kill — emotional or physical violence turns them into killers.

Per New York Times best-selling author and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, serial killers “are always made, never born” and evil “never appears out of the womb.” He theorizes that early emotional or physical trauma or abuse is linked to becoming a serial killer later in life.  If Joran did suffer some kind of early abuse, Anita probably feels a tremendous amount of guilt for her son’s problems, perhaps blaming herself. As any mother might regardless of what chain of events led to an offspring becoming a murderer. Which may lead to her defending his behavior no matter what.

If your child was suspected of such heinous crimes, would you try to hire the best lawyers to get them off, even if you believed them to be guilty? Or would you be unable to believe they were guilty, even if the facts proved otherwise?  I would hope Anita helps to convince her son to tell the truth — about this murder and what really happened to Natalee Holloway five years ago.  Assuming, of course, Joran is guilty.

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