Will Beyonce Be Pulling A Mariah Carey During Her Childs Birth? (Photos)

Is there a bump in there?

There are a lot of things that celebrity mom Mariah Carey and mom-to-be Beyonce share in common.  They’re both incredible performers, they’ve got impeccable fashion taste and they’re also at the top of their game.

But what is the one thing that these two women share in common the most?

They are complete divas.

Mariah Carey recently confirmed during her interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 that her children were born to a recording of her song “Fantasy.”  What’s more, they were forced to listen to the live version so they could hear the audience’s roaring applause at the end.

Ok, if you’re still with us here after that bit of information there, keep in mind that Mariah is special.  Really special.

We wouldn’t be surprised too if divalicous Beyonce Knowles tried to pull a Mariah and have her baby Jayonce listen to one of her live records, too.  Isn’t that what all the divas are doing in the maternity ward these days?

Check out our photos of a pregnant Bey and the top ten songs we think Beyonce should play while giving birth.


  • Beyonce 1 of 9
    "Me Myself and I" - because momma Bey comes first, of course.
  • Beyonce 2 of 9
    "Baby Boy" - if she's seeing blue, of course.
  • Beyonce 3 of 9
    "Naughty Girl" (should Bey's daughter should see signs of a rebellious streak right away).
  • Beyonce 4 of 9
    "A Woman Like Me" - because her daughter will end up being exactly like her, if Bey has her way.
  • Beyonce 5 of 9
    "Suga Mama" - how appropriate, right?
  • Beyonce 6 of 9
    "Run The World" - with his or her parents' bank account most definitely.
  • Beyonce 7 of 9
    "That's Why You're Beautiful" - only if the baby comes out looking like his or her mother, that is.
  • Beyonce 8 of 9
    "Bills Bills Bills" - something Beyonce's baby will never know the concept of.
  • Beyonce 9 of 9
    "Crazy in Love" - the story of how the baby's parents first met.



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