Will Bristol Palin Fans "Forget" to Vote for Her on DWTS?

bristol palin forgot to vote
Will DWTS fans punish Bristol Palin for not voting?

As everyone knows by now, Bristol Palin “forgot” to vote in last week’s election, despite the fact she owes her fame to political connections and this was a very important election for the Republican party. One has to assume the voting contingent keeping Bristol on Dancing With the Stars every week is conservative. So will they simply “forget’ to vote for her, meaning she’ll leave tomorrow night? That’s my guess. And as one might imagine, her mother wasn’t pleased with her forgetfulness.

“Sarah is convinced that Bristol may have blown any chance she may have had of winning ‘Dancing with The Stars’ now that she revealed she didn’t vote in the election,” a family friend told “Sarah is worried that if Bristol couldn’t be bothered to vote in an election so important to her mother and the country, why would anyone bother to vote for her on a dancing competition?”

“How stupid do you have to be to be taking part in a competition where the only thing that keeps you in each week is viewers’ votes,” another source said. “Let’s face it: Bristol isn’t winning because of her dancing. It’s her family’s political views and fan base that is keeping her around. What she did last week was spit in all those fans’ eyes.”

So do you think she’ll be sent home tomorrow night?