Will Cameron Diaz Make a Good Stepmom For A-Rod's Kids?

cameron diaz
Is Cameron Diaz About to Become a Stepmom?

Things are definitely getting serious between Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Their relationship is so serious, in fact, that she recently moved to Miami just to be closer to him.

Since she’s relocated to Florida, Cameron has been spending quite a bit of time with A-Rod’s two kids, and she seems to be bonding with them.

Cameron has never really struck me as the “mom” type, but now that A-Rod is supposedly looking at engagement rings for her, she may have to step up to the plate and take on that role. Will she make a good stepmom for his daughters?

Though Cameron has seemed like kind of a free spirit in the past, she does seem like she’s ready to take the next step and settle down in her life. And at 35 years-old, she’s probably much more open to the prospect of kids than she was in her younger days.

Cameron has a real zest for life and loves to have fun, which may just make her the perfect stepmom. A-Rod’s daughters already have a mother, so Cameron could serve as a great friend and companion for the two girls when they are with her.

If A-Rod and Cameron do get married, do you think they’ll have another baby to bring the family even closer together?

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