Will Dancing With The Stars Make Kate Gosselin A Neglectful Mother?


Being a working mom is tough. Being a working mom of eight is even tougher.  Countless women struggle to find a balance between work and family but reality star Kate Gosselin not only has eight children but now has a very intense day job.  So will her work on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars make her a neglectful mother?

This week’s People Magazine features the cover story “Why Can’t a Mom Have Fun?” A very valid question. But the grueling rehearsal schedule for Dancing with the Stars not only takes up tons of time but also is physically and mentally demanding. Will Kate have the time or energy to give her eight kids the attention they require? And she is not immune to the criticism of her trying to ‘have it all’. She “insists she can balance fame and family” and she herself said “you say I’m a bad mom, it destroys me.”

Fortunately for her, they did make some adjustments to accommodate her family life like having the rehearsal studio built into her basement.  But can she really have it and do it all? Do you think she should sacrifice some of her fame to spend more time with the kids?

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