Will Demi Moore Divorce Ashton Kutcher?


Not from the looks of it!  Despite the numerous reports that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore and that the marriage is on the rocks, the couple is making a strong public statement through their actions and plan on working through this.

“Demi’s not going anywhere,” a source tells, citing love and a dose, sigh, of good old fashioned clinging on to fame. “She loves him, she just does. And being with Ashton has made her hot again, and relevant. That’s the honest truth. There’s no question about it: She benefits more by being with him.”

Ashton, on the other hand, is still in his prime and would do better on his own.  Just imagine the tabloid firestorm a new single and dating Ashton would cause.

But he’s not going anywhere either. “He know he has a beauty at home, he’s not going to end that. It’s just the nature of the relationship, and it works for them, even their marriage is being scrutinized and judged by outsiders. They just don’t care, which is why he hasn’t said anything yet.”

Ashton visited Demi this past Monday on the set of her new movie The Reasonable Bunch. They are said to have hugged between takes and laughed and carried on in her trailer so loudly that everyone could hear.