Will Elin Nordegren Get $54 Million In Divorce From Tiger Woods?


Elin Nordegren may have gotten the raw end of the deal in the husband department, but it looks like she will wind up with more than enough money to live on after her divorce from Tiger Woods is settled.

Access Hollywood has obtained mortgage documents showing that Elin could receive around $54 million in the form of property, or even in the form of cash over a five-year period. The documents reveal a $54.5 million dollar mortgage that Woods took out on his home in Jupiter Island, FL, even though he already owns the property. Supposedly the mortgage payments will be made to one of Elin’s divorce attorneys.

Celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder says that the documents are a clue that the actual amount of the settlement between Tiger and Elin may be much bigger. He says that typically with high-profile divorces, most of the money is received up front, and then the remainder can be agreed to be paid over a period of time. In this case, if Tiger does not make the payments on time, then Elin will likely gain ownership of the Jupiter Island property.

Divorce definitely isn’t a pleasant thing, but something tells me that Elin will be laughing all the way to the bank.