Will Elin & Tiger Woods Reunite For Sam's 3rd Birthday?


Elin Nordegren and Tiger are still at odds and probably always will be, but with the third birthday of their daughter Sam quickly approaching the pair will have to figure out how they are going to work together-or not work together-for the kids sake.

Elin is currently in Orlando  and Tiger is battling claims he has a love child while trying to get on with his life and prove he’s still moderatley worthwhile with a win at the U.S. Open.

Sam’s big day is this Friday, so Elin is forced with the decision of what to do: 1) Keep the kids with her and celebrate minus dad, 2) Go to California and face Tiger so they can all be together or 3) Send a nanny with Sam to California, in which case Elin would miss out on spending the day with her daughter.

“She hasn’t decided yet,” a source close to the situation told “It’s not like she’s dying to see Tiger. But she doesn’t want to keep Sam away from him on her birthday, either.”

At the moment they barely speak.  “She used to drop the children off at his house and go inside and talk to him. Not anymore. She has the nanny take the kids. Every once in a while she’ll be in the car outside of Tiger’s house, but she never goes inside.”

If you were Elin how would you handle the birthday situation?