Will Ferrell Hits The Beach With Magnus


will-ferrell-magnus-hawaiiTaking a little break from movie making, Will Ferrell and family took a vacation to Hawaii. That’s where the paparazzi caught up with Will and son Magnus, 5, frolicking on the beach, Magnus doing his best Willie Nelson impersonation.

Are those really pigtails? Why do I find it so funny that Will Ferrell’s 5 year-old might have Willie Nelson pigtails.

I really hope the father son festivities kicked off with a thorough application of some of Will’s celebrity line of sunscreen. The two of them look like they’re about as sunburn resistant as me (absolutely not at all).

In related news, after Will and Viveca take their brood back to the mainland, Will is slated to start filming — wait for it — Anchorman II. That’s right… it’s sure to be an instant classic.