Will Ferrell The Office: Steve Carell Begins Exit


will ferrell the officeWill Ferrell on The Office already? The end of The Office on Thursday night created a huge buzz online, because Steve Carell’s replacement showed up at the very end of the episode…and it’s Will Ferrell!  Viewers were excited about the new cast member for the hit NBC comedy series.

At the end of the episode, the audience hears the announcer say: “Well, well, well, look who’s going to be the new boss.” The very last shot is Will Ferrell and Steve Carell getting ready to hug.

Michael Scott (Carell) is leaving as the Scranton manager because he got engaged to his girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan), and announced he’s moving with Holly to Colorado.   NBC still holds that Will Ferrell is only a temporary replacement branch manager and there will be a new branch manager for next season.

But even if Will Ferrell is only on The Office for a few episodes, you know he’ll be every bit as inappropriate as Carell’s character Michael Scott.