Will Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery Make Kids Impossible?


Hill’s star Heidi Montag has been hoping for a baby with her husband and fellow reality TV costar Spencer Pratt since 2008. At the time, he was not ready and Heidi was so desperate she stopped taking her birth control pills.  Nothing happened and in 2009 Spencer changed his tune stating, “I’ll have kids at some point when we’re both ready. I want what you want — you’re my wife.”

This was before she just got every surgical procedure ever developed,10 in total. She reportedly still wants kids eventually and you have to wonder what sort of effect all that plastic will have? Some experts weigh in:

Dr. Sam Rizk, a renowned plastic surgeon in New York City, spoke with saying, “I don’t believe any of her cosmetic surgery precludes having a baby or makes it more dangerous. Even the huge breast implants should not be an obstacle, other than they may be too difficult for a baby to breastfeed on. Certainly her facial work does not interfere with her having a baby. Her body may and will change, however, and of course with gaining weight, she will have stretching of skin.”

However, Dr. Nagy, a New Jersey-based plastic surgeon, says her tummy tuck could cause problems if she has a C-section and recommends having a natural childbirth.

So there you have it. It’s still safe and possible for her to pursue having a child. The major challenge: Being able to stand or walk when she has the weight of both boobs and a belly.