Will Jennifer Aniston Become Step-Mom to These Kids? (PHOTOS)


Flynn and Sydney Gartin, children of Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend Chris GartinThey are adorable, they play in Jennifer Ansiston’s pool and they are the children of Aniston’s supposed boyfriend Chris Gartin and his ex-wife Jo Gartin, wedding planner to the stars. And now they are of interest to the paparazzi. I suppose there aren’t many downsides to dating Aniston. But privacy might be one of them. Even though they ran in a circle that included Courteney Cox and Aniston, the Gartins pretty much flew under the radar before Chris was rumored to take up with his long-time pal. Of course, depending on how successful Chris became, that might not have always been the case regardless of his dating status. But he certainly is not at that point — even though he’s been identified repeatedly in media stories as a “star of True Blood,” he in fact was only in three episodes in what was a fairly unremarkable role. (I am an avid “True Blood” watcher and had to look up which character he even played.)

Check him out in IMDB — he’s a steady working actor, but certainly not an A-lister. So only time will tell if his kids, Sydney and Flynn, will catapult into Suri Cruise-like fame. If he marries Aniston and she become their step-mother, you can be sure of it.  Would your kids getting new-found attention keep you from dating a tabloid target like Aniston?


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