Will Jessica Alba Join Little Fockers?


jessica-alba-honor-warren-pair-purple-02Jessica Alba is in talks. Talks about Alba joining the star studded cast of the Meet The Fockers franchise in the newest installment Little Fockers. De Niro! Hoffman! Streisand! Stiller! Yeah, some pretty good company right there.

Access reports that, “The 28-year-old actress would play an attractive pharmaceuticals rep whose sheer presence wreaks havoc on the film’s male stars.”

The film is slated to come out in July 2010 and will probably focus on the main characters new offspring, the last film “Meet the Fockers” ended with a pregnant Teri Polo. But with a kid/baby cast, having Alba’s daughter Honor hanging around the set would be probably be easy peasy, much better than the set of Sin City.


Photo: Just Jared

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