Will Justin Bieber Be Returning To CSI?


If you are a fan of the troubled teen character that Justin Bieber played on “CSI”, you probably won’t want to read this!

The 16-year-old pop star made his acting debut recently on “CSI” as a character named Jason McCann, who was a member of a radical political organization that may have been involved with a bombing at a police funeral. Though Bieber only had two minutes of actual airtime, the episode ended with him wearing prison-orange and had a ‘to be continued’ feel.

Bieber’s troubled teen character is coming back for a second episode of “CSI” on February17th. But what will happen after that?

Spoiler alert coming…

Sources confirm that Justin Bieber will not be making another return to “CSI” after his second appearance. Why? Well because his character will meet a violent end at the hand of a CSI, who acted in self-defense. Apparently he will be shot, but that’s less brutal than the reported original plan…which was for Bieber to “blow himself up.”

What do you think of CSI’s turn of events? Were you hoping that Justin Bieber’s character would stick around or did you see this one coming?

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