Will Justin Bieber REALLY Take the DNA Test Requested By Mariah Yeater?

Will Justin Bieber Take the DNA Test?

Mariah Yeater and her lawyers have wanted one thing from Justin Bieber. Not a signed album, not tickets to his next concert but rather a wee bit of his DNA.

Mariah Yeater would like to get confirmation of her tale that she was knocked up with Justin Bieber’s baby after a thirty second tryst that supposedly took place backstage at one of his show last year.

Justin Bieber and his people have already come out saying that it’s all lies. He even said on his Today Show appearance that the allegations are false.

But now – reportedly – he’s gonna give Mariah Yeater and her lawyers what they want…a sample of his DNA. TMZ is reporting – via a source close to the Bieber camp that after he returns to the United States in two weeks – he’ll give them a DNA sample. Basically just to put an end to the rumors.  And that’s not all. Apparently he’ll be suing Yeater for the trouble she has caused.

Do you think there is any chance that Bieber could be the baby daddy?