Will Kelly Bensimon Return To The Real Housewives of NYC?


There are some big questions about the next season of The Real Housewives of New York City. The biggest is, who will return to fret, fight or be friends. Kelly Bensimon who had a very public breakdown breakthrough on the show is still deciding whether she will expose her self to another season of shooting. So will she return?

“We’re just going to see,” Kelly told E!Online, “The deciding factor is really just being able to celebrate these women—I don’t want to fight with people. That’s really like the big deciding factor, if it’s going to be authentic. If it’s not authentic, I don’t want to be a part of that.”

But there is one thing that would really entice her to stay, if she should get some of her very own Team Kelly on the show. Kelly said, “I’ve asked a lot of my friends. If they do want to change up cast, I have a lot of awesome friends that I’m sure would jump on with me. I’d be like, ‘Let’s have some good times. Let’s have some fun here.'”

And I’m sure she would welcome some more allies on the air.  But one thing is, if both Bethenny and her return, she thinks that their relationship would be better and now may have some common ground.

“We haven’t been in touch, because we’re not filming anymore,” Kelly said, “but her value system has changed. I can be sensationalistic on camera, but my children are the most important things to me. So I’m happy that now we have something to bond over.”

Will both being moms build a bond between the two or is the relationship, or any version of one, just totally broken?