Will Kourtney Kasdashian Store Her Baby's Cord Blood?


kourtney kardashian and scott disick 081209Kourtney Kasdashian isn’t taking any risks with the future health of her unborn baby. She was spotted walking with her baby daddy in Beverly Hills the other day and they carried a StemCyte kit. What’s that you may ask?

It’s the kit that is used to store the baby’s stem cells procured from the baby’s umbilical cord blood. On their website Olympian Shannon Miller states “StemCyte is the gold standard in global therapeutic stem cell storage and research.” The kit that Kourtney and boyfriend Scott have is to be brought to the hospital and given to the staff prior to the big event. After the birth, a nurse will collect the blood sample for storage. Then you call StemCyte and they arrange a courier to get the sample. It’s taken to their headquarters and stored in a cryogenic freezer.

With them so prominently carrying the kit, I wonder if this was a PR planted photo op so people like me would write about it?

kourtney kardashian and scott disick 081209