Will Larry Birkhead Implicate Howard K Stern In Anna's Death?


birkhead-dannielynn-gLarry Birkhead is caught between a rock and a hard place. He supposed to testify either Thursday or Friday about statements he made about Howard fueling Anna’s drug habit. He wants to make sure that the people responsible for Anna Nicole’s death are punished, but also he’s now partners with Howard K. Stern in business.


What’s a guy to do?

That makes the prosecution’s case that much harder to make. If Larry Birkhead doesn’t validate the statements he made in the past will Howard not get charged?

What a mess?

It’s a good thing Dannielynn is so little, she oblivious to all the things being said about her mama. Poor little thing, growing up without her mama. Though if Anna was such a drug addict perhaps she wouldn’t have been in that situation long anyway. She would have been taken out of that environment before long.

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