Will Madonna's Kids Get A New Stepdad?


madonna-family-jesus-stepdaddyAre Madonna’s Kids going to get a new step father soon? Rumor has it that Madonna is clearing her calendar for an extravagant wedding with her 22-year-old lover, Jesus Luz, by the end of this year.

Despite reports that Madge was going to break it off with Jesus and despite some of the obvious kinks in their relationship (like the fact that Jesus is 30 years younger than Madge and only 10 years older than Lourdes), one of Madonna’s biographers, Randy Taraborrelli, says that she may actually be on track to hurry things along with Jesus.

Says Taraborrelli:

“Madonna is crazy about Jesus and has been telling close friends and family that “I could definitely see myself marrying him. Yes, it’s definitely on the table”.’

He respects her, that’s number one. He has learned so much from her. He’s amazed at how well-rounded she is, the way she juggles her career with her life as a mother, for instance. He understands that she’s self-involved, too.”

Honestly, I think it would be a little weird for 12 year-old Lourdes, but it might be nice for Mercy and David to have a father-ish figure around.

It seems like pretty rash decision for a shrewd and level-headed business woman like Madonna. If it’s true, she must have a heck of a prenup.